Psych Test…

This week has been extremely eventful…
My classes are getting to be a little more stressful as the semester goes on, but it is nothing I can’t handle!
I finally had my third Psychology test today. Professor Lohn’s tests are some of the harder tests I’ll have to take this semester. I studied all week and I think I did pretty well today.
It was twenty-five open ended questions, and the answers had to be really detailed.
I have the class every Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 4:10 until 5:10 . Because it’s such a late class on Friday’s we have discussions, contests and videos instead of lectures, which definitely helps keeping the entire class awake! We have only had a few homework assignments, all relatively short essays.
The class is alot of fun, and the discussions we have are always hilarious, which makes the really hard tests alot easier to handle.
Now that the test is over tonight, I think I’ll probably finish some other homework, practice my first persuasion speech and then hang out with friends.
Tonight is Karaoke Night at Buffalo Wild Wings in Prescott Valley about 15 minutes away. It is always alot of fun watching everyone sing, but i’m not really the singing type. (I think the rest of the restaurant would appreciate it if I didn’t sing too!) I am most likely going to go tonight, but I need to go to bed early.
I have only been to bed early once since the semester started, most days I stay up until about 1 or 2 in the morning. (I know! I know! it’s not good for me!)
The other day Sean, Daniel, Katie, Christina and I made a random trip to ASU to help out our friend.. He wanted to stay with a friend before flying home out of Sky Harbor, so we all made it a road trip to drop him off. What was supposed to be a three hour trip ended up lasting five hours!!!!!!! We left at 9:30 p.m. and had a blast the whole way down… at least until we realized how far in the wrong direction we went. We all started to get a little cranky (well, at least I did) at how lost we were but we ended up figuring out where we were, but we still didn’t get back until about 2 in the morning. In the end we had a blast even though we all got a little tired and hungry.
I’m getting excited for Thanksgiving and the holidays, after all it’s already almost Halloween. the semster is half over and it really feels like it just started!

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