The Economy & Some Random Thoughts

As everyone knows, the economy is sucking not only the money from our pocket books, but the fun out of our lives and hopes of acquiring our dream job after graduation. The job market isn’t as demanding as it once was, and people are losing their jobs left and right. Students are very worried because for some, they rely on their parent’s income to go to school. For others, graduation is right around the corner and not many businesses are hiring new employee’s fresh out of college. It’s also depressing to see that the gas prices are once again rising, and students do need their vehicles to go shopping or to travel to various places that are miles away. What is a student to do?
I’ve found that working multiple on-campus jobs is probably the easiest way to make some extra dough to get through the year. Most on-campus employers are very flexible to one’s class schedule, which allows the student to attend class and to have homework time if they need to take off of work. This is less stressful than trying to find a job outside of campus, and having to deal with the what-if’s about homework, the weather, your car, and other factors. On-campus jobs are more convenient anyhow for students who do not have vehicles, and they would save a lot of money.
On a lighter note, its finally started to get cold again in Prescott. It’s been really warm all week long, and supposedly it is suppose to snow this weekend. I’m very excited for cold weather. It’s been a warm 50-60 degrees for most of winter, and I really want to see snow. So hopefully some snow will hit Prescott for Valentine’s Day evening

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