Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s day is this weekend, and for a little fun and preparation, the “Date Doctor” David Coleman came onto campus a few weeks ago. The movie “Hitch” was based on this guy, and he really knew what he was talking about. Everyone was laughing the whole time, and it was my favorite campus activity so far this year.
This past week we had our first snowday! Everyone think Arizona is all desert and saguaro Cacti, but there is definitely more to it than that. Prescott is located higher up in the mountains than Phoenix, and yes, we do get all four seasons. It usually only snows a lot once or twice a year, so the town shuts down when the snow starts to build up.
The entire campus went crazy when the snow started to stick the night before, and everyone ran out of their dorms to play in the snow. it wasn’t long before the parking lots got too icy to drive, but everyone was perfectly fine havign fun on campus.
When there is a snow day, the school has an extension for students to call to find out about any cancellations. It’s really helpful when I’m trying to decide whether to wake up or not!
Classes are going well, I just had my first psychology test on media, persuasion, mass communication and conformity. I did really well. I am working on the first assignment for Microeconomics, and it’s going slow but I understand everything so far. I have a midterm in my Islam: Origins class next week, and my first test in geography. Wish me luck!
I leave for Vegas tomorrow and I have a lot to do before then! I’ll write about how it was when i get back!

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