The Spring Break…Awesomeness

Why would anyone want to take a 24 hour long flight from Prescott to Delhi and stay there for 6 days and come back on the same long tiring 24 hour flight? I don’t know. But I did it and it was amazing to say the least. Homesickness got the better of me and I wass off in a ShuttleU van on the 14th March to the Phoenix Airport. My parents were waiting for my flight that was to land at the Delhi International Airport at 2055 PM. However, we landed 15 minutes early and I managed to sneek in through another exit gate than the one assigned. I knew where my parents would be waiting for me. So, I sneeked in behind them and asked a question ” So, who are you waiting for?” The hugs followed suite and I was on the way back home in our car with both my parents. I would have loved to drive back home, but my parents thought otherwise.

I didn’t went on a picture taking spree because it felt like home. 🙂 Oh, nostalgia. Well, I reached home at around 2130 and went to my friend’s place before I even got my suitcases out. 🙂 Spend a lot of time there and thus managed to get scolded by my parents on the first day itself.

The next day, I went to my school, met my teachers and some of my friends. Then, I met one of my classmate in the mall and we spend a lot of time talking and getting updates about every one of us. After a lunch with my friends, I was back home at around 1700.

I met some of my friends in their college in Delhi. I spent almost the complete day with them.  Then, at around 1900, I went to my church and met all my friends as well. On the way back, some of us stopped at the popular hang-out among our group, the Domino’s Pizza, and shared some pizza and laughs.

On Wednesday, my aunt came from Bangalore and it was time to visit some family and family friends. Thursday called for a long and tiring day of shopping. Friday was the ‘family’ day. Everyone stayed at home and we did our packing and shared a lot of time and stories with each other. Saturday, I finished with my packing and on Sunday, I was off to Prescott. 🙁

So, the Spring Break came to an end. I reached Phoenix airport, switched on my cell-phone and talked to all my friends till the battery ran out. Then, I reached Prescott at around 12.30 and it was time for another month of gruelling studies, fun times, day dreaming, procastinating and just doing all possible random stuff with Kevin and every one else. Fun Times Indeed.

And that’s the view outside my home. Pretty packed, huh? Well, that is what makes it interesting. Kids playing cricket, fighting over umpire’s decision, racing on bikes, flying kites and so much more!

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