Snow Day

It is February and it is snowing in Prescott. Cool, huh? So how much more cooler would it be if you get a snow day on your Birthday? A lot!!!

So, all of us gave up all the homework and decided to just have some pure fun. We woke up at a good enough time to realize that a Snow Day has been declared and then we declared our own Snow Wars. The whole suite got into the biggest snow flight, I have ever seen. I, of course, have not seen any other snow fights 🙂 Just putting it there 🙂
At the end of the fight, most of were sweaty and soaking! Landon, of course, got his ATV and went crazy, as ususal.
In the evening, Buffalo Wild Wings was beckoning all of us for a lot of lemonade and some good food!
Following are the pictures:

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