Summer in Prescott

The summer is here and I am here at Prescott with a lot of cool students working as the Summer Camp Coordinators. It is a lot of fun! We just had a spaghetti party as well as a leadership recreational course. Both went really well.
Here are the pics:
Despite what the pics depict, the food was really really good. 🙂 Thanks to our expert cooks. That 70’s Show just made it all the more ‘interesting’.

The leadership recreational course was conducted at the LRC by a couple of Air Force students. Using a set of drills, we were educated about the importance of communication and active listening skills for a successful leader. It was hot there and sunburns were a problem. I got lucky there. 🙂 A set of three drills were conducted and we did amazing in two of them! That drill for some good food at In N’ Out later on.

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