AE Camp at ERAU, Prescott continued…

The 2nd day started off with a class on Astrodynamics after the Breakfast. After that class, Space Lab class began and so did all the fun. The students were working on Simulink and STK. They could find orbits of different satellites, track the orbits and do all kind of fun stuff like putting an F-35 on the ISS Orbit.

However, they did 2 projects which involved created a spy satellite that could collect data from the Target City and transport it to the base. The 2nd project involved creating a radar system that could detect a foreign enemy aircraft within a given time frame.

In Space Lab 2, Prof. Kim and Mr. Crabtree taught the class where the students worked on of the experimental space systems. They also contacted someone from New York using a HAM Radio. The satellite that relayed the signal was crossing Prescott on that day and thus the students were able to observe it clearly. All this was meant to give the students a clearer perspective on different uses of the satellites and their method of operation.

After the classes and dinner, all the campers went to play mini golf. The pictures that follow depicts how much fun they had.

On the 3rd day, the students started their day with Prof. Helbling learning about Structures and Materials. After the Materials Lab and lunch at Chartwells, the students used the knowledge they gained in the class this morning to create a 3d model of a truss bridge using Solid Works. Randall Tolley assisted the professors and students to create the 3d models using the Rapid Prototyping Lab located at AxFab Building.

After dinner, the campers had a great session of Sand Volleyball and Dodgeball.

As usual, pictures follow:

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