AE Camp at ERAU Prescott

This summer I have been working with the Events Management at Prescott Campus. We have been organizing summer camps and it has been lots of fun. In this blog post, I will talk about the Aerospace Engineering Summer Camp. This camp had 47 students!

The camp kicked off with the orientation in Building 51. After the orientation, in which the ground rules were laid out, we played some games with the campers in front of Student Union. It is where the campers and the coordinators learned that wet grass and a game where one needs to take the shoes off, don’t go along good.

After the games, the campers were taken to Wal-Mart in case they needed something that they forgot. Apparently, a lot of them forgot their Nerf Guns. On Monday, after a breakfast at the dining hall, classes began. After the Robotics class and Lab, in which they were taught by Dr. Nafziger about the various component that goes into machine designing, the campers met at Chartwells again for lunch. After the lunch, they attended a class by Prof. Bordignon and Prof. Kim on Controls. An aircraft simulation created by the teachers was available to the students. It was a Matlab program that took in the inputs from the pilot and the atmosphere and gave the output as the response of the aircraft. The required math and scientific theories were explained before the class and the students were supposed to change the value of one variable in order to achieve the minimum time required for the airplane to pitch up, level off and the pitch down and level off again. The theoretical minimum was 10 seconds and the closest time the team achieved was 11.6 seconds.

After the classes and dinner, the students played Capture the Flag till 9 pm and went to sleep at 10.

This ended the first day of the AE Camp. Pictures follow:

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