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Hey guys, sorry I’ve been sitting around not writing anything in my blog recently, I have been kind of  busy for the last couple weeks with some good things and some not so fun things.

On the not awesome side, I went to Denver last week because my cousins mom died  ( in spite of what it sounds like, that’s not my aunt, because my uncle got remarried)
I really don’t mind funerals and I’ve been to quite a few, but it’s always worse when someone who’s barely over 50 just drops dead.

On a happier note things are starting to fall into place for this fall, I got my class schedule in the mail a few days ago, I have a morning flight block and I’m hoping I don’t have to fly at 5:30am too often,  I’m also going to get my class 1 medical done on July 3rd.
Another  fun thing that’s happening is that my softball team doesn’t totally suck this year, we have won the last two games and have another one tonight, so I’m really hoping we can keep this going.
Recently I’ve been resisting the urge to get a pet since I will be going to school so soon, I just really miss having animals around. I guess we still have a couple horses, but that’s not the same. Ever since I was four I’ve had at least a couple pets, some of my favorites have been…
Velcro the Hedgehog, my cat that got squished under the garage door when he was little and then recovered and became the nicest cat ever, and a lovebird I had that would spread his wings out and lay on his back on my chest while I watched movies.
My other favorite animal I’ve had, but that I can’t really call a pet, would be one of my raccoons.
A few years back a farmer I know brought a baby raccoon to us because his dog had killed the mother, so we raised it and then released him in the fall. for the last several years he’s come up every now and then and eaten the cat food.
That one’s name was Fuzzy, since then we’ve raised about 10 others. the one here is from last summer, her name is Lucy.

And while we’re on the animal photo thing, here’s one of my favorites of my sister’s old dog.

Moving on..
I just ordered A new joystick and throttle, and got a new copy of Microsoft flight simultor X, gold edition. I decided it was time to start that up again.

I remember reading a post a little while ago where someone was wondering about buying a mac or PC.  GET A MAC.
I just installed the parallels application on my macbook, you can get the software for $40 with a student discount (that’s 50% off) and it works like a dream, with parallels you can run windows easily at the same time that you are running OS X, and use any windows programs you may need (in my case pretty much just flight sim). If you get a mac, I recommend getting the iwork suite, it’s very useful.

That’s all for now, time to go finish moving my yard and getting ready for another softball game.

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