Bahamas Recap

Hey all!  I just wanted to say how my trip to the Bahamas went!  So last Sunday (June 14th) I hopped on a plane and flew to Miami.  We got on the cruiseship and hung out around the boat all day.  Our first stop on the trip was Nassau, an island in the Bahamas.  That day, my family went to the largest waterpark in the world!  I also got to have some dolphin encounters (they made me kiss one >.<)  but overall it was a blast!  The next day we went to Royal Caribbean’s own private island.  I ended up sleeping in until noon then my mom made me get up and go to the beach  -.-  where I took a nap.  😀                Sleepy me on the beach


  that night I played basketball on the back of the ship until about…2 a.m.  and let me tell you, playing on a wooden deck with no shoes on is painful…I have the blisters and cuts to prove it.  Anyways, the third and final stop on the trip was Key West, Florida. We got off the boat at around 9 a.m. and went out parasailing for an hour or so!  img_4695

After going parasailing, there was not much for an adult under 18 to do on the island, so I went back to the boat and just hung out with people I met!  I tried to stay up all night that night, but ended up getting tired and going to bed at about 6 a.m. (so I could sleep on the plane of course) and for some odd reason, our flight home ended up being flying to New York for our connection to Los Angeles…which makes completely no sense to me!

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