So I thought I should share what my schedule will look like this Fall. (There may be a few changes since I just got my Calculus AP exam back and I passed!!! So that will be less math 😀  )

(Ok, i may be wrong on the course name exactly, so bare with me. And I do not know all the Instructors, since I am a Freshman.)

Mon., Wed., Fri.- Aeronautical Science from 8-9am with Rehbach. Then Math 9:10-10:10 Jacobs. And another Aeronautical Science course at 4:30-6pm Mr. Roy.

Tues. and Thurs.-Communications 9:10-10:25 with Dr. Nordbrock. (that’s all!! yay.)

And for flight time Mon., Wed., Fri. 12pm-4:30pm and Tues., Thurs. 12pm-6pm both with Testa.


If anyone has gone through these classes or know these instructors I would definetely love some feedback, that will help me with this transfer to a new state and school.

Well that is the latest news I have. Besides that, I’m just working and saving money to put money down for an apartment and looking into some new clothes for the winter days in Prescott. I’m also trying to find some good deals on furniture for my new apartment, if anyone knows of a good furniture store please let me know! Hope everyone is having a great summer!!!

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The main advice I have for incoming GSIS students is that you got to brush up on your history and current events. Start reading and writing more, so you can begin to enjoy it. And do NOT procrastinate, it could cost you your grade. This major is a lot of fun, and there is a little something for everyone. Personally, I love psychology the most.

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