CE Week

This week we started off with the CE Camp.

1st day:

We had an orientation where everyone was introduced. Prof. Tarek El Dokor was also there to introduce the students the concept of this camp and how interesting the field of computers can be, only if one is ready to make the efforts. After the dinner and some games, the students were back at the dorms. Later that day, they were taken to Wal-Mart to get anything they were missing.

2nd day:

They had a lot of time with Prof. Tarek El Dokor to learn about C ++. All the class time was focused on covering this computer language. Most of these classes took place in Academics 1 building. After an exhaustive day in the class room, the students had free time from 6 pm to 10 pm. Thus started the huge game of dodgeball. At 10 pm, lights were out and the students were excited for the next day for classes that included Machine Vision Lab.

3rd day:

A lot of information on the Machine Vision Lab can be found on the college website. I only know a quantum of what it is all about. Students got to play around with the Machine Vision Lab and also to understand the concept behind this endeavor. They also had classes on ‘Programming Mastermind” and ” Stenography and Watermarking”. Everyone was stoked about the next day because they would be going on a road trip to Sedona, hike a lot and get a bit of respite from classes.

4th day:

Pics say it all. We hiked Sugarloaf Trail and West Fork Oak Creek Trail. We also stopped at Basha’s between the two trails to refuel our supplies.

5th day:

A class with Randy Shaffer started their day and it was the best start they could have. This class talked about Electronics and Robotics and they got to ‘blow stuff up’. After a trip to Admissions Office and the Bookstore, they spent their free time chilling in the swimming pool. During the evening, they went for dinner at Garcia’s and a movie at Harkins Theaters at Prescott Valley.

6th day:

The camp wrapped up with a graduation luncheon at Academic 1 Atrium and tours around the campus.

As usual, pictures and videos follow:

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