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I promised that I’d write again last week to finish up Cancun, but I was overcome by laziness.  I’ve finally summoned the courage to write.  Firstly, we saw some pretty awesome fire dancers there, and you can see pictures on flickr:  We also saw a magician one night and although I figured out a couple tricks, some were pretty…well, tricky.  Continuing, the following day I went ziplining.  That was pretty fun, but it wasn’t in tree canopies the way I envisioned it.  Instead, we were in a quarry with water.  I hear Costa Rica is good for ziplining, and I’d like to do that sometime also.  Feel free to leave comments if you know of good places 🙂  After the zipline, I went ATV riding for the first time.  That pretty much made up for any disappointment the ziplining had brought on.

Ziplining Towers

Ziplining Towers

On Tuesday, the weather called for storms, and storms there were.  I was in the pool playing water volleyball with three other people during a downpour (not to mention the wind).  It was so intense that on the side facing the ocean, you couldn’t see anything unless you used you hands as a visor.  The rest of the hotel guests had retreated to overhangs or given up and gone inside.  Coming home was a little interesting.  We got to our Dallas connection on time, but everything fell apart from there.  We got in the line for customs.  The foreigner line had 12 agents, ours had 4.  The citizen line (ours) was twice as long as the foreigner line from the start.  We were told that the computers were running slow, and I still wonder if it was a side-effect of the July 4 cyber attack.  Well, we moved through the line at a decent pace, and then we were lined up in front of a stall since we were next.  There were about five people lined up in front of each stall.  Well, our guys’ computer froze and we were the very next people in line for 20 minutes.  As a side note, all the other stalls worked fine so people kept going in the stalls next to us.  When it finally started working, it took him less than a minute and a half to check us through.  Looking over my shoulder as we walked away, I saw that the line had almost doubled it’s original size and had found it’s way past the bathrooms and toward the terminal.  By the time we got to our baggage, they had already turned on the sign with our flight number and we were the last ones there to get our bags.  We proceeded to “walk with a purpose” (aka jogging) through the airport to the gate.  When we got there we found our plane had just taxied out.  Long story short, we took the next flight home to San Diego, but we weren’t to happy.  We actually got the last seats on our next San Diego flight and in row 33 of 33, we could see nothing except engine and rivets out the window.  Pretty exciting.

Now that I’m back in San Diego, I think I’ll still go to the beach, just a little less often since the water is freezing here.

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