18 at last!

So, I just turned 18 on Sunday,  finally I’m an adult! I had a great birthday.  I spent the whole time with my boyfriend and his family. We started my weekend fun with a day at my job, Knott’s Soak City Water-park (Palm Springs). I had four incentive tickets from working there and I gave them to Wyatt and his family so they all got in for free. I get in free whenever I want. I also get to go to Knott’s Berry Farm for free! Anyways, we had a fun time, but I got super burnt! Oh, and we ended up getting free food since an order was left unclaimed, the cooks had to either throw it out or give it away, so we got it! It was about $40 worth of food too!

I guess I got to admit, working at Knott’s is pretty cool, it just gets super hot! Luckily we can jump in or go on rides when we rotate! 😀knotts-july-16th-2009


After that we went to my house and I opened gifts so my grandma could be apart of it, otherwise I would’ve been at the beach doing it. Then we went to bed.

Next morning we left to Oceanside and checked in to our hotel. It was nice and less than a mile from the beach. It was a good walk to get there, and there were many interesting shops and restaurants. We had fun, and the beach was beautiful. The first day we were there we saw a bride with her bridesmaids taking pictures with the beach sunset! It was soooooo beautiful!!! We took a lot of pictures, here are a couple of them.oceanside-july-18th-2009 Oceanside

We enjoyed trying out the different restaurants, my favorite was Joe’s Crab-shack! Wyatt and I wore the bibs and took this awesome picture, but it’s on my cell phone and it won’t let me send it to my computer. 🙁  But it was an amazing place, and I would definitely suggest it to anyone who goes out to California! 😀

On my actual birthday we had some cake and then they left to go back to Arizona. I did buy a couple lottery tickets and won a few bucks. I won about 5 times, then I lost the money by putting it back into lottery tickets. lol.

The day after my birthday, Monday I opened a checking account and I went to the doctors and had the “adult blood test”. Oh and I also got in contact with the owner of the apartments I was looking at and I’m in proccess of getting one of them after they check out my application. I’m very excited!

So that’s about it for now. I’ll blog later. Hope everyone is enjoying the last bit of their summer, it’s ending fast!


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