My Life

I think the last I wrote was when I got back from Cancun.  Since then I haven’t done much except work and the beach a couple of times.  If you don’t already know, I work at a flight school ( as a webmaster/graphic designer, and I also do some other marketing work.  Last week, for example, I developed both a print and web version brochure for us.  A lot of my other work is attracting visitors to the site, like creating facebook ads that show up on the right hand side (they’ve been surprisingly successful).  I normally work 6 or 7 hours mon-fri, so I can’t do too much else during the week, and it gets kind of old sometimes.

Luckily, I’ve been able to squeeze in a little beach time the past couple weeks.  I went yesterday with a friend and the waves here in San Diego were huge.  I love boogie-boarding and those were the best waves I have ever caught; some were a little too powerful though.  When I was body surfing I decided that instead of diving under a breaking wave I’d turn my back against it and caught the full force of a five foot wave on my back and neck.  I hope that remains a once in a lifetime experience.  It’s almost a ritual for me to dig holes at the beach too.  Yesterday, we hit about four and a half feet deep before water seeped in through the bottom.  Further up the beach last week, though, another friend and I got to six and half feet.  Then some little kids wanted to jump in and play.  Another thing that amazed me yesterday was that the water was actually warm.  Now for San Diegan’s, that’s a very loose term, but it wasn’t just tolerable, it was comfortable.  That’s something very rare around here!

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