Flight Exploration Camp

1st Day: The Orientation was headed by Dona and all the camp coordinators. We had a total of 3 FE Camps during this summer. Alpha, Bravo and Charlie.

After the orientation, we had the ball game going on for an hour or so. Close to 9 PM, we took them to Walmart and the day was ended at 10 PM.

2nd day: Every pilot needs to go through the basic ground school instructions before they can actually fly. This day was filled with classes educating the student about the ground school, proper safety measures followed and what to look forward to with respect to the weather conditions.

3rd day: Students went flying today. They did a short flight today along with an instructor. The students were ecstatic and they were waiting for this moment for a long time now. After the flying, the students had another class on Weather. It was pretty informative. Dr. Curtis talked about how clouds are formed.

4th day: Students completed their night flight. Everyone had their cameras armed to take the best shot of the Grand Canyon. The fun seems to never ebb but increase. I called this day as the flying day. It was probably the only day where they didn’t have to take a class. During the free time, we played Kickball and Dodgeball.

5th day: We took the students today to the Lookheed Martin aviation branch in Prescott. The students were given some critical information that every pilot should know but generally tends to ignore. After a cross country flight, the students were taken to both a dinner and a movie. We had our dinner at Chili’s. After the dinner, all of us went for a movie at the Harkin’s Theatres. This was surely a tiring day.

6th day: Today the camp ended with the Grad Luncheon. The students were provided with a certificate for completing the camp. This was the last camp of this summer. After everything was over, I started packing my stuff to move to the new house. David, one of my roomates, would show up in a week and hopefully things will get more interesting.

I finally managed to get my driving license as well. Now, all I need is a car. 🙂

This year, I will be renting a house with my roomate and two of my friends. It is sure going to be very interesting and loads of fun! Keep watch for my next blog post. 🙂

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