On the morrow…

Tonight is officially the last night of my former, non-college life.

First off, before I get started on the first post I’ve written in a while, my apologies for not being able to write for the past couple of weeks.  My dad and my brother, being the studly men that they are, decided to rent an auger for the day to drill places for the cottonwood trees that will be planted lining my driveway in Pinetop.  Heaven knows why they didn’t hire professional help in doing so, which would’ve saved a lot of heartache over lost internet and telephone lines, but being the typical men that they are they decided that “it couldn’t be that hard!”  I was reminded of Tim “The Tool Man” Taylor from the TV show Home Improvement, always trying to put “more power!” into the dishwasher or another helpless household object, or trying to remodel the upstairs bathroom on his own, which led to a monstrous hole in the wall and a bathtub being lifted to the room through a hefty crane!  The men in my family definitely give Tim Taylor a run for his money!  Well anyway, little did they know that while this spot was the perfect spot for a tree, it was also a very good spot for the telephone line.  That’s not all.  They continued trying to man it out.  They didn’t just hit the line once…they did it twice!!  So, my link to the outside world via internet was cut off, and the past couple of weeks I haven’t been able to blog!  But back to my declaration that tonight is my last night as a non-college student.

Because I’m playing volleyball, I am staying in a hotel in Prescott Valley tonight so that I can check in tomorrow morning with the rest of the Embry Riddle athletes!  I packed up all of my living essentials (which are currently in my car out in the parking lot), said goodbye to family and friends, and took off for the college life!  Well, right behind my mom.  She still had to lead the way to Prescott!  🙂  Some college student I am, I know.  Don’t worry… pretty soon I’ll know this town like the back of my head!  I mean, um, hand!




So bright and early tomorrow morning,  Anna and I will head to ERAU to begin check in and to OFFICIALLY start preseason as Eagles.  This past month I’ve been thinking about what it will be like, and after going to the Take Flight Volleyball Camp for little girls a couple weeks ago, I definitely think that it will be what I hope it will!  So wish me luck!

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