Final Days

I leave for school next week, and so I’ve started packing a little.  The thing is, most of the stuff I’m taking is what I use everyday, which means I’ll be doing a lot of last minute packing.  The hardest part is deciding what can or can’t go…mostly a space issue.  Right now I’m pretty excited about starting in a couple weeks.  I’m curious as to how I’ll adjust to the crazy school schedule.  Since my last post, I’ve learned to drive my new manual transmission car pretty well, except sometimes I’ll stall if someone’s really close behind me at a light and I freak out.

I’m really going to miss the beach…I’ve been squeezing in as much time there as possible.  I went yesterday with a group of friends and although the waves were barely noticeable, we did catch a couple.  I like biking even more than going to the beach, so in that way I’m excited to be going to school next week.  I’ve heard there are some really good trails not far from the campus; hopefully that will become a weekend routine for me.  If anyone reading this knows of good trails, feel free to leave a comment for me.

I stopped by my high school yesterday to return the second half of my ROTC uniforms, about 25 pounds worth.  They were having their indoctrination for the incoming cadets.  Instantly, when I walked in, I realized how small all the high schoolers looked, especially the freshmen.  It’s funny since I was one of them just a three months ago.

I better get packing 🙂

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