Getting Settled

What a weekend!  We left San Diego dark and early Wednesday morning and after stopping at an outlet mall and getting food, we finally arrived in Prescott.  After dropping our stuff off at the hotel, we drove around town showing my mom the school and downtown (she didn’t come with my dad and I last time) and just relaxed.  Then we got another early start and got to ERAU to unpack the car before 8 o’clock.  Luckily, it didn’t take too long to get unpacked and go through the various stations for my Eagle Card, Finance, etc.  We were all pretty exhausted after all the meetings, which were spread out across the whole day.  On Friday, we came back early again for more meetings and in between a few, we managed to make it to WalMart.  Money sure does go fast when you’re just walking up and down aisles and realize exactly how much “stuff” you need for a little dorm room.  Today my roommate, Trevor, and I just chilled.  After a 7 o’clock ping pong game, which probably woke up people in the dorms to either side, he went golfing and I decided to check out the school’s brand new student activity center.  I stayed for a while playing burnout on a full arcade style steering wheel and chair setup.  Since then, it’s been on/off ping pong and youtube videos.

It’s been surprisingly easy to adapt to Embry Riddle, and I think I owe most of that to my visit during spring break.  The food has been great compared to what I’ve experienced at other cafeterias and I really can’t complain about my dorm.  Although we’re in the “trailer park” at the back of the campus, our dorms are the largest on campus and, as you may have figured out, we have a ping pong in our common room shared by about 20 students.  No more than 10 people are there at a time and it’s been great for meeting people.  I think I like it better than the 4-square dorms on the rest of the campus where I stayed during my ambassador visit.

Later today, I began looking forward to classes Monday…mostly to see how different (or similar) it will be to high school.  I guess that will probably be my next blog post.  I plan on posting pictures of my dorm then also.

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