And we’re off!

Has anyone else had one last jam-packed week to savor while they are away?  I know I have!  Over the past five days I have been hanging out with my friends on Lake Havasu, which is only about an hour and a half from campus (and I am sure you will be familiar with that area during the semester ;D ).  Since the weather there is a bit hotter than in Prescott, being on the lake is just about the only way to stay cool.  So, naturally, all five of us guys (and a couple of parents) were out on the water as long as possible!  We went tubing, we lounged on a beach, we cruised up to the California/Arizona border, and just did what we could to savor the last few days of us being together this summer.

I got home from Lake Havasu in the afternoon yesterday, 8/18 and had to do the majority of my packing last night.  Hopefully I didn’t miss anything THAT important!  Now I am just getting ready to leave.  My whole family (including my two dogs) are going to be on our way to Embry within an hour’s time.  Unfortunately, we are driving and since we are taking two cars, I have to drive one…well, I guess I have to get used to that drive sooner or later  :).

This last week before leaving for Embry has left me in a daze.  It has all gone by so quickly that I can’t help but think it wasn’t enough time  ):  but what’s done is done and now I am off!  Hope to meet you all soon!

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