Vanishing Time…

Where does all the time go? Is it just me, or is it disappearing?! I go to school and do homework and then it seems as if my time is up! I need to try to fit in some more blogging, but school has consumed all my time. And I now have two other jobs! Data entry and TAC.

In Data entry, I get to enter new students into our system and put down all their information. In TAC I seem to have a lot more fun because I get to make calls to people who are interested in ERAU and see if they would like to come to our events and if they would like some more information about ERAU. It is pretty fun. Today was my first day doing TAC. It took me like 10 minutes to get up my courage to do the first phone call, after watching Brittani make about 3 calls. But finally I did it, and could you believe it went to voice mail?? lol. I got so worried for nothing. Then calling became easy, especially when you got a hold of excited people! I loved it when they started asking me questions about ERAU and the events, it made me happy. I worked from 5:30 to 8:30 just making calls. I did 37 phone calls. Doesn’t seem like much, but it is when you have to put information down as you talk. Although it was confusing at first, I must say this is probably one of my favorite jobs so far. 🙂

Enough about work…School is good. I still enjoy my classes, but for some reason I’m counting the days until Thanksgiving break. lol. I guess I have a good reason since I’m having a huge family reunion in Las Vegas. I get to see cousins and aunts that I haven’t seen for about 5-10 years! But I know it is also that need for a break from all this stress. It is crazy to try to fit in so many things in such little time.

So, my classes are alright, but really helps make school better are my sorority girls! Alpha Xi Delta! It is so funny because I was a girl who swore she would never go Greek. I felt that they only cared about partying and doing bad things, but I decided to go to an event and now I see how awesome they are! These girls act as a group of sisters, they would do anything for each other and they never make anyone do anything or go anywhere they do not want to go. They are also a sorority who do community service. As soon as I met them, everything felt right. I truly do like these girls, and it is great to know girls on this campus, since they are so few here. I am very excited for tomorrow because I get pinned! They accepted me in and I get pinned tomorrow night. Then we have classes for the next 11 weeks or so and then we get to swear in. I cannot wait for that day! If any of you were questioning the morals of Greek, do not worry, they are good people. And everyone on this campus cares about their education first! We would not be here if we didn’t, but going Greek just helps with developing a solid personal life on top of great academics. I would definitely recommend going Greek! If you are a girl think about Alpha Xi Delta!

Now going off campus, my apartment is going good. Learning a lot of new things that I never realized when I lived at home. I have definitely learned to clean up messes right away, especially when it comes to dishes and food! Otherwise the whole apartment will start smelling like said food, and God forbid that food get stale!!! EWWWW!!! lol. Living on my own has helped me grow and I am happy I went with this choice.

Well, I think that is good for today. Hope all are doing good in their classes! Have a great weekend. And as Ms. Tusa would say, “Wash your hands and eat chicken noddle soup”! (Since flu season is here…)

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