Week in Review

Well, this week was pretty crazy. It was sort of a wake up call to me that this this year is going to be different from last year. Wednesday was my first exam, for my calculus class, and it really caught all of us off guard. Last weekend we started cramming in all the information on the practice exam, while working on all of our other homework. I ended up getting a B+, which was kind of disappointing since all the points I lost were from one problem, a one step problem at that. Tuesday night was three hours in the library working on calc and physics homework, and studying for my exam Wednesday. All of my classes have picked up in pace a little, and one thing teachers are absolutely adamant about is the late work policy. I learned that one the hard way.

A lot of my weekend was spent creating a flash animation/narration for a story in the book Arabian Nights. First we spent a couple hours recording voices and transforming them into female and Darth Vader voices. After that I had to draft up some characters that a 3 year old with a crayon could have drawn better. Finally we reached the stage where we added sound effects, music, and of course, the Star Wars intro. It’s because of that and other copyright law infringements that the video isn’t posted publicly 🙁

The highlight of my week, which seems to have become a feature on my posts, was getting a replacement phone for my Samsung Glyde. It was a touch screen and would randomly click somewhere very distant from the location of my finger. I just got my LG Versa in the mail and it’s great. It’s actually intuitive! Another added bonus is the tilt accelerometer that shows a full keyboard sideways but just T9 and numbers if held portrait. Overall, it’s a much better phone and I’m very happy with it. Lastly, it allows AAC files which means it’ll play all of my iTunes music.  It’s good for me since I couldn’t fit my iPod in my pocket with my phone, keys, and wallet anyway.

I got my bed raised this week, which the maintenance guys took to heart.  My bed was on the middle of the riser, about a foot off the ground.  I am now three feet off the ground, which is awesome!  I know have to either jump into bed or climb up my chair and dresser if I’m feeling lazy.  Getting down is a little easier, slide down the side and you’re already upright 🙂  Sorry, no pictures this week, but I hope to write in the next couple days after the ROTC ropes course tomorrow.

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