What’s new?

A lot of things are different this semester for me.

The bads:

  • I cannot wake up 10 minutes before class and still be on time.
  • Outtakes is no longer there to kill my midnight, post-homework completion hunger.
  • Parking spot is harder to find especially when I am late for the 8:00 am Fluids class.
  • Sometimes, being late means no lunch. 🙁
  • Less free time.

The good:

  • I make my own food, great food.
  • I have my own room. The guitar, the laptop, the airplanes and the music, everything feels better. 🙂
  • I can kill zombies, play Tekken and fail epicly in NHL whenever I want to.
  • The Badminton Court in the back yard is just great.
  • I have a car now. I have a garage now.
  • Playing with a Border Collie makes everything better.

Enough talking, let the pictures talk. 🙂

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