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     Wow, it has been a while since I’ve posted here!  My life has been pretty so-so since I pledged to the Sigma Pi fraternity here on campus last weekend.  I was so excited when I knew I was in!  Being accepted to pledge for Sigma Pi was one of the best things that has happened thus far here at Embry-Riddle.  That happened last Friday.  After my pledging was over I had to grab my bags and head out to California for a fun weekend in the sun!  During this six hour trek, we had to stop once for gas out by Lake Havasu.  The time we stopped was 1:30 a.m. and the temperature was an outrageous 89 degrees!!!!!







It was so weird being in that heat in the middle of the night!  Anyways, we got gas and kept on going towards our destination: Huntington Beach, California!

We finally arrived at my home at around 4:30 a.m. and immediately crashed for the rest of the morning.  We awoke on Saturday around 1 p.m. and decided that it would be fun to go up to 6 Flags magic mountain.  After a two hour drive, we arrived at 6 Flags in Valencia, California.  We went on X2, Terminator Salvation, and more of the insanely awesome rides they have there! As we were leaving the park, we saw Sylvester the cat and Mr. Six Flags do the dance from the commercial and we knew that we needed some pictures!











We left the park around dinner time and met up with some friends for dinner and then went to watch a scary movie at one of their houses.  We watched The Last House on the Left, a movie which I would strongly deter anyone from viewing simply because it is a HUMOUGOUS waste of time!  The plot develops more slowly than a snail crawls and it is not scary, just kind of gory.  We left after seeing the movie and drove back to Huntington Beach.

The next day (Sunday) my dad took my two friends and I out for philly cheese steaks.  In my opinion, the resturant we ate at makes the most authentic Philadelphia cheese steaks outside of the city itself.  They get all of their ingredients from Philadelphia, the only thing missing is a location in the city!  The sandwiches were delectable, but sadly, they disappeared all to quickly.  We all went back to my house and watched Sunday football until it was finally time for us to start our trek back to campus.  After being bombarded by family hugs and kisses (not to mention bags of food and drinks for the road) we were off to Embry once again!

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