What a weekend!

So my weekend started out on Thursday with a check from Embry-Riddle work. I got 116, which isn’t much but it came in perfect timing! My boyfriend’s birthday is Sunday, so I had to do some shopping. I ended up spending about $80 on him. I wish I could spend more, but money for gas to come see him is $20 as well. 🙁  But anyways, I came down to Surprise to see my  boyfriend and his family this weekend and I actually went down early to surprise him, but funny thing is they were out of town because they thought I would be there later! lol. So I had to go shopping until they got back in town. I ended up buying all the gifts for my boyfriend and the next day when he was at school I put it together. It looks amazing! I bought a cool looking bag and I bought lots of tissue paper to make it look fancy! I bought him two games, on for X-box (Assassin’s Creed) and another for Wii (Pikmin) since I hear him talk about these games all the time. I also got basic necessities that he always complains about not having enough of-Socks and underwear. hehe. I got him a sweet card and I filled his bag with lots of candy and his favorite- nutter butters! 😀   Let me know how you think of my birthday gift! 🙂

Anyways, next weekend we will be having his friends over on Saturday and then Sunday we will have family time. He is very excited for his birthday since it is also his fall break! He gets Friday and Monday off, so it is an extra long birthday weekend gift! I think that would be my favorite gift of all! LOL.

So, enough about birthday, my weekend was great when I finally got to see him and be around him. We all played aggravation and then we got to watch this cool TV show called Deadliest Warrior, it is pretty awesome! It takes two different warriors from completely different times and compares their fighting styles and weapons and sees who would have won in a battle! We watched about 4 episodes, and so far Spartan seems to be craziest since he could kill a Ninja!!! :-0   Oh, and also this weekend I got to go eat at Macaya’s after church, that was so yummy. I recommend that restaurant to anyone who enjoys Mexican food! I had fajitas, with shrimp, steak, and chicken. The meal was heavenly! <3 

I hope everyone else had a fun weekend. I’m looking forward to next weekend already, but I am NOT looking forward to Wednesday! I have an economics Exam. This will either make or break my grade. I hope I can make it through it, and do well. I am afraid! But I am hoping to study with a tutor tomorrow! Wish me luck. And good luck to all those who have any tests or exams this week! Friday no school, so you can stick it through! Have a fun and safe week. Talk to you later!


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