Dig Pink Awareness Day

This last weekend, my team and I went down to the Prescott Courthouse, during a local craft fair, and gave out information cards and put up posters concerning our Dig Pink match to fight breast cancer.  It’s our game at Embry Riddle on October 27 that we play against Yavapai College, and people who come can give donations for the cause or just support those who battling breast cancer.  Everyone will be wearing pink, including the Embry Riddle team and the Yavapai team, and so we needed support from locals and anyone else who would listen to us!  My little sister came with our team to help, since my family was in town.  She fit right in, handing out information to any and all people passing through the fair. 

Here are some pics of my team (compliments of Gina Conley):


I have no idea why the horse was there…. but the team couldn’t pass up posing with it!


And neither could Mahlet….


Kelsey and Ashley are trying to ignore it, with no avail.


Shaw just being Shaw! <3


Cassie and Shaw posing with our poor Laura, who tore her miniscus and had to get surgery. 🙁


After our Dig Pink Awareness activity was through, I drove my family down to Phoenix to have some fun! (minus my mom: she had left early that morning in my family’s car for a convention down there).  It was a blast hanging out with my family!!  After a day filled with shopping and eating, we went to Coolidge to stay with my grandparents.  Overall, it was one of the best weekends that I could’ve asked for! 🙂

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