My Amazing Flight Experience!

So Saturday morning started waaaay too early for a weekend, but I didn’t mind getting up at 5am knowing something awesome was coming up! The night before was completely crazy, since there was NO way for me to sleep. It was if I was a little kid going to Disneyland for the first time! I was so excited for the next day, full with anticipation since it would be a very precious plane full of priceless cargo (My boyfriend, soon to be father-in-law, and me).  I was not too scared though because I knew how much training a pilot goes through and I knew they had soooo many checklists before take-off and I trusted Kevin, Wyatt’s Dad’s friend. I have many pictures to Post, I hope you enjoy. The plane is a Cessna N61455. As some will be able to tell, and if not by look, by the numbers on the side 😉


 Wyatt and I walking towards Kevin’s Cessna at Deer Valley Airport.


back-seat flight

 It may seem like the back seat could be boring, but it was still completely amazing!!! We could see everything around us and under us. It was a beautiful view. Rob-boyfriend’s dad- was the co-pilot and was doing a great job! I was proud of him! 🙂



 There’s my boyfriend’s house!!! Second from left and the group of homes more south. We spot it from the yellow playground and Rob’s two trucks! 🙂



There is my honey in the co-pilot seat, next to Kevin. This looked cool because you can see all the controls.

rob-and-iMy future father-in-law and I in the back seat, enjoying the awesome flight!!!-see how happy we look 😉 



YAY, my turn! I got the best Taxi award and the most aggressive pilot, since I wasn’t afraid of getting in there and trying it out. 😀 It was so much fun and an experience of a lifetime<3



Let’s do it again, soon!!!


There is Kevin-the pilot, and his awesome plane!

That about concludes one of the most awesome experiences ever! Next blog I want to share my Halloween, but I am a bit tired… Night. Take care.

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