Winter Break

Wow, I must say it took a lot of initiative to even get on here during my time off. lol. I have been so busy, so anytime there is free time is usually means complete relaxation! I hope everyone had been having an amazing break, I know mine is going pretty well.

There is so much to catch up with. Let’s start from final exam days… I studied very hard for each class and I had three exams on a Saturday and then my last exam was the following Monday, so I started break early! And I had my other exam just on the last day of class since our teacher was very cool. 🙂   I ended up getting 3 A’s and 2 B’s. I received an A in speech, Business 201, and Computers. A B in Microeconomics and Business 102. I ended up getting a 3.6 GPA and making Dean’s List 😀 I was so happy and my grandmother was estatic!!! (My grandma has taken care of me since I was too, so she is like my mother).

After finals, I went down to Phoenix area to my Boyfriend’s and his family’s house. We hung around a lot out here, but the week of Christmas we took a road trip to California to see all of my friends (and now Wyatt’s friends) and to spend time with my family and my Grandma. We hung out in Palm Springs area with my friend Philip. We spent the night there for two nights and both days were packed with get together and a birthday party. It worked out great because we ended up seeing almost all of my friends! Since my grandmother moved the beginning of December we had to drive an hour north- to Fontana, to see her new house where she now lives with my uncle and his wife. They have a beautiful two-story house and they live in a nice neighborhood. My grandma is very happy that all her favorite stores are only about 10 minutes away from her. We stayed one night at her house and just visited with her. My sister stopped by and got Wyatt a blockbuster gift card and payed for my phone bill. (We have a plan together) Then my grandma and uncle gave us some money. We ended up leaving late Christmas eve in order to get back to Arizona for Christmas with Wyatt’s family.

Christmas morning consisted of gifts, of course. I got $100 American Express Gift Certificate, Penguin car seat, a new outfit, and season of Supernatural. I had a lot of fun and I loved my gifts. Then later we went to christmas party and had a gift exchange. (draw numbers and can either steal a gift of open a new one) I ended up getting a pretty candle set! I also got a lot of candy, but I gave that to my boyfriend since I’m trying to lose weight. lol. There was a lot of food because we all did a pot luck. It was delicious! After the party, we went home and relaxed.

The next week we just hung out with some of Wyatt’s friends and play games, then we came up to Prescott for a weekend so I could get my mail and enjoy some colder weather. 🙂 For New Year’s, we ended up not really doing anything, so that kind of sucked. The rest of the vacation was just relaxing and having no homework! So everything went pretty well. Hope all others breaks were great too!

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The main advice I have for incoming GSIS students is that you got to brush up on your history and current events. Start reading and writing more, so you can begin to enjoy it. And do NOT procrastinate, it could cost you your grade. This major is a lot of fun, and there is a little something for everyone. Personally, I love psychology the most.

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