Clubs and Comedians at the ERAU Campus

A couple of weeks ago, ERAU held the second Activity Fair this year in the Activity Center, where people can join many different variety of groups (such as fraternities, Break Dancing Club, Hawaiian Club, etc.).  At that time, I joined the Swing Dancing Club, College Republicans, and the Sweatervest Club.  Yes, the Sweatervest Club, although I am ashamed to admit that I, in fact, do NOT own a sweatervest!!  I’m hoping to find one on sale somewhere soon… haha!  What made me interested in this odd club in the first place took place last semester, as I was walking through campus to go to class.  I noticed a bunch of people in sweatervests gathering around a bench.  One of my friends who is also the president of the club, Mitch Mannering, called out a totally random compliment to me as I passed, which totally made me more confident.  Another one of the members shouted another one to me.  I thanked him, kind of confused, and then I saw the sign one was holding that said, “Free Compliments, Courtesy of the Sweatervest Club”.  Underneath that, “In an Effort to Improve Student Life on Campus”.  I laughed at the cleverness, and so when the activity fair came around this semester, no one had to ask me to join twice!  Just on Tuesday, I was having a hard day because I didn’t feel very good about a test I had just taken.  In an effort to waste time until my next class, I went to check my mail, but ran into the Sweatervest Club having Free Compliments day!  I joined them, giving compliments to students walking by, and I definitely felt much better.

If Michael Jackson went to Riddle, he would have been giving free compliments with the rest of the club. 🙂

As for the Comedian portion of this blog (well, Comedian/Magician anyway), I just got back from the Andy Gross show that was held in the DLC (the Davis Learning Center) Auditorium.  He was really witty and hilarious the whole time.  He did everything from the “pick a card, any card” trick to the “pull-a-dove-out-of-a-hankerchief” trick.  Well, he subsequently threw the dove against the nearest wall because it “bit” him, making everyone squeal in disbelief, until we all saw that it was a fake dove!  Thank GOODNESS!  Overall, I could not stop laughing!  Embry Riddle has VERY entertaining comedians that come every month or so.  I thought that it was a good choice to bring Andy Gross.

Avada Kadevra!  Er, I mean, abra kadabra!  Here he is!  (All Harry Potter fans understand that it is actually quite difficult to remember the classic “magic words”, when the famous spell from the books is so similar!  Oops.)

Well, that pretty much sums up the highlights of this week!

“Never take life seriously.  Nobody gets out alive anyway!”

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