My Spring Break

The long awaited spring break started for me on Friday. I gladly switched off my phone alarm and went back to sleep with a smile. 🙂

However, a call at 9:10 shattered all my dreams. My friend, Raj, called me up and asked if I am not giving my Electrical Engineering Exam. With a panic, I gathered myself and rushed to the school in my pajamas. I reached the classroom by 9:30 AM and the exam was almost half way through. I had 30 minutes left to take a one hour exam.

I think I still did well in that exam. After the last class at 4 PM, I went to Raj’s room and spend some time just chilling and taking some time off from studies. 2 nights ago, it snowed so badly that there was no way I could drive back home and thus, had to stay on campus.

On Saturday morning, I left to the airport along with Raj, Sreyes and Praful in the morning. I had a whole day to spend at the airport and get bored. But, that didn’t happen. All hail free Wi-Fi and Pandora. While all of my friends were off to Las Vegas, I was to the amazing Oklahoma City. I was also going to spend 4 days in a Christian camp. What better to do during Spring break, right? Yeah, I was pretty bummed as well.

I reached my cousin’s home by 10 PM and slept for some time, watched movies and had fun, a lot of fun. Next day, I met all my friends at church and also went for a home game against the Utah Jazz team.

On Monday, I played some pool with my cousin and for the first time, he beat me twice, in a row. Well, things happen. 🙁 After that, we spent some time at Walmart finding some cables to watch movies. It was a time well spent because I finally found some time to watch some Hindi movies.

The next few days, I just relaxed and rested at the home getting enough sleep, for a change. I also got to spend some time with my great friends and cousins at the mall and other places.

On Thursday afternoon, we left for the camps at Falls Creek, Oklahoma. It was said to be the biggest campsite and it was pretty amazing. They had a lake at the camp site! The first day was pretty relaxing and we had a session as well along with some good dinner. The only bad thing was no cell phone reception!! 4 days without the phone and internet was not good especially when you open up the inboxes to 40 new mail messages!

Friday and Saturday had four sessions and all were very informative and beneficial to my life. On Sunday, we had a wrap up session and went back home. I had my flight at 6 PM and reached home at 4 PM. So, I had to rush through my packing and reach airport at the right time. I didn’t felt like coming back at all. One was home sickness and the other was AE 304- Aircraft Structures 1 homework. I slept all the way to the house: a total of 4 hours in the plane and shuttle.

Anyways, life goes on and another late night is waiting for me. It is still fun though, each problem is very interesting and doing homework turns out to be a little bit fun, actually.

In my next post, I will try to cover my next semester schedule and things I would possible do in the summer and try to convince you why I am stoked.

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