A “Back to the Future” Filled Spring Break!

For this spring break, I decided to go back home to Pinetop to chill and relax with my family.  Unfortunately, my siblings didn’t get their spring break until THIS week, which meant that they had to go to school and practice while I relaxed. 🙂  Even though I was sad I couldn’t hang out with them more, having all that free time was wonderful!   My mom and I rearranged our previous “study” (the room in the house full of books) into a half study- half craft room.  Mom started making headbands, clothes, and other sewing projects in our tiny laundry room, but her stash of fabric was soon on every single surface in the entire place!  So we moved all of her stuff to the study so she could be able to move!  It was so fun. 

I was also able to hang out with friends, go to lunch with some of them, have a movie night with the girls, go to my high school’s softball practice, and just catch up and see what everyone else was up to.  It was so good to see everyone!!  There were so many hugs and how-are-you?s and fun!!  On the movie night, my friends Camri and Olecya introduced me to Back to the Future, which I had never seen before then.  (I know, I know.  It’s pathetic, but true.)  I absolutely loved it!  And a crazy coincidence: when I got home that night, we found that our Netflix movies of the month were the first AND second Back to the Future’s!!  My little sister and I had a blast having a movie marathon.  Unfortunately, we didn’t have the third one, so we went to every single movie rent place in town to try to find it.  We didn’t!  (So, if anyone owns it and would like to lend it to me, I’d be much obliged!!)  Ha!

We (which after a couple of days included not only my sister and I, but my brothers as well) seriously watched those two movies in a row probably six times over the week.  New favorite movie?  Oh yeah.  Do I want a DeLorean?  Mmm hmm!

So that was basically my spring break in a nutshell…. now to get back to work!

“Spring is when you feel like whistling even with a shoe full of slush.”

-Doug Larson

(Hopefully we won’t have anymore shoes full of slush this spring!)

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