You are too close,see you at court!

On Friday, I got my first ticket for the stupidest reasons. My friends and I decided to go to Thai House, one of the best places in Prescott when it comes to Thai Food. I was pretty exhausted after taking classes till 4 PM so I was ready for some good food. We got our food and on the way back we were listening to some good music, cracking some jokes and just having a good time. While driving on Willow Creek Road, the traffic was pretty slow on the fast lane outside Fry’s because of a left turn. So, I changed lanes and a cop was in front of me. After 10 seconds of changing lanes, the cop changes lanes and is behind me and flashes his light. I find the nearest right turn and park. After a minute or two, the cop comes up to me and asks ” So, how much distance should you keep when going 40 mph?” I was pretty freaked out because I had no clue why he pulled me over. I said maybe a car length or two. Well, it is “actually a car length for every 10 mph”. So, I was supposed to be four car lengths away from his car!!!!

He asked for my insurance and registration. I handed it to him and he took his sweet time. After like 15-20 minutes, he comes up with a citation with 2 violations:

1. “Driving to close” ( Bad English, but that is what he wrote)

2. “Failure to provide evidence of insurance”

Apparently, I handed him the wrong insurance ID. I got a new one this February. I had the old and the new one in my car and I accidentally handed him the wrong one when he asked for it, in the beginning. However, I told him that I had the new one in the front and I was reaching out for it. He tells me, ” Don’t worry about it, court will handle it” How much more ridiculous can this get? That is a total fine of $265. $165 for the ‘driving to close’ and $100 for ‘failure to provide evidence of insurance’.

Today, I went to the court to contest the citations. I showed the lady at the counter my insurance and she wiped off the insurance citation and I have a hearing on the 20th of April about the ‘driving to close’ citation. Let us see how much more ridicolus this can get.

Will keep you guys updated!Feel free to comment about some instances that you guys have faced with the traffic tickets!

As a side note, Manchester United’s loss to Bayern Munich was annoying to say the least. I was at the lower hangar watching the Red Devils keeping that 1-0 lead for what seemed forever, and then comes Olin crashing in at the last minute!! What happened in the last minute is unbelievable and now Rooney is injured and we play Chelsea this weekend. Great timing! This is going to be a very interesting season ahead. Glory Man Utd!

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