February Craziness…

I know this blog is very late, but I was busy most of February and all of March! Everything seemed to just come at me all at once!

So let us begin with the “holiday” in February- Valentine’s Day. I had a pretty fun time. I spent money on the elderly ladies I work for and bought them some roses. I also bought my ex some gifts. Believe it or not, he wanted a machete! It was a pretty awesome one that I got too! I also saw the movie “Valentine’s Day”. It was a lot better than expected, although Taylor Swift was a complete air head in that movie 🙁 And she is one of my favorite music artists! But the night was great altogether because I got to dress up all fancy and go to Red Lobster for dinner<3 I also got a very nice gift from my ex- It was this beautiful bracelet with a special engraving in it. Plus a jewelry box to match. They were both really nice, but it ended up being a bit of a waste considering a week later things were broken off. (Which this is probably why it has been a while since I wrote about this, I was not really in the mood to talk about what was happening after a break up of a year and half relationship)

But any-who…After that mess I started getting more involved in school! I am actually enjoying Embry-Riddle a lot more and taking a liking into my classes. I am taking Advanced Computers, Psychology, Humanities, and Public Administration. Psychology is by far my favorite class, I have always had an interest in it! I am now thinking of double majoring after I’m done at ERAU and get a major in psychology as well 😀 I know this year is almost done, but “so far” my grades are awesome. I have an A in all of them except Public Administration- I believe it is a very high B. I’m not too upset because it is a 300 level class, and I am trying hard in that class. I probably would enjoy it more if it was not almost 3 hours long on Tuesday nights :/  But like I said before, almost done with this year, so there is no complaining.

For next semester it looks like I’ll be taking 3 business classes (don’t remember the names- I’ll get back to you on that), Accounting, and Statistics. I am not sure if I’m taking a couple online or not, but I do know I am only taking classes Mondays and Wednesdays because my job is requiring me to be down in Phoenix more full time. I take care of an elderly lady over weekends- run errands and such with her. But now her daughter wants a live-in situation because her mother had 3 strokes in the last two months- which I went to the hospital every time! She is currently in Texas with the daughter doing therapy, but when she gets back I’ll be staying with her just about 24/7 to make sure she is doing alright. It will be pretty decent money, but I am happy that I’ll be able to still go on campus and be somewhat involved with school and church.

If anyone knows someone who could offer me a couple nights a month (Saturdays, Sundays, and Tuesdays) for some payment of course, let me know 😉  {I am looking more towards females though}

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The main advice I have for incoming GSIS students is that you got to brush up on your history and current events. Start reading and writing more, so you can begin to enjoy it. And do NOT procrastinate, it could cost you your grade. This major is a lot of fun, and there is a little something for everyone. Personally, I love psychology the most.

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