Heeeeerrreeee’s… Dave!

Last night was a perfect ending to an extremely stressful day!  Yesterday I had a humongous exam in my Geography class, which I was studying and cramming for what felt like forever, and I was just super stressed about it.  So this whole week was busy, stressful, and on top of it all, extremely windy.  However, yesterday the wind FINALLY died down, and last night one of the stars of one of my very favorite shows came to Embry-Riddle to do stand-up comedy!!!!! (which OF COURSE makes everything better!)  Dave Coulier, who played Uncle Joey from the ABCFamily show Full House, came here!  When I had first come to ERAU, I had heard that his son came to this school, and I flipped out.  When I heard that Dave was actually coming, I pretty much passed out from excitement. 

Full House is an absolute favorite at my house.  Whenever I talk to my nine year old brother on the phone, he asks, “Have you seen the Full House where…” and explains pretty much the whole episode if I haven’t seen the one he’s talking about.  Actually, last year at my Homecoming when I was being nominated for Queen, they asked questions about me.  While all the other nominees said that their favorite shows were from MTV and such, I straight up said that my favorite show was Full House.  It probably got me some snickers, but I didn’t care!  (or maybe that’s what helped me win, who knows?)  So I was jazzed last night when I got to see “Uncle Joey” in person!!  He was soooo funny too.  I laughed so hard that I felt like a six pack was coming on!  Impersonations, jokes, harmonica playing… it was all there!  And now my life is complete. 🙂


And here he is!  The man!

After the show, a couple of my friends and I went to dinner at “B-Dubs” (or, for non-local folk, Buffalo Wild Wings).  It was soo good!  I had honey BBQ boneless wings while we watched MLB baseball on the huge screen next to us.  It was a blast just chillin’ and eating and all that good stuff.  So, overall, yesterday was not only beautiful and warm outside, it was filled with laughter, fun, and good food!  What could be better than that?


“Cut it out!” 🙂

-Joey Gladstone (Dave Coulier)

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