YSA Volleyball and Student Preview Day

This past week has been filled with friends and fun from both my church and my school.  On April 10, my Young Single Adult (YSA) ward and I traveled to Flagstaff to compete in a 9 stake volleyball tournament!  It was sooo much fun!!  We all carpooled (I drove one of the cars) down to the Institute up in Flag and had breakfast, played against other teams formed from people that go to NAU, had a dance later that night, and just had a great time meeting new people from around the state.  Since I took my own car there, I was also able to go and hang out with one of my good friends from Pinetop, Becky Beus!  She was sweet enough to let me hang out with her at her place and get ready there so I wouldn’t look like crap at the dance.  It was great catching up with her and meeting all of her roommates who also go to NAU.  Here are some random pics from the day:


Here’s me setting Andrew, who was on my team and also goes to Riddle.


The team on the left is our Prescott team; the one on the right is a team from Flagstaff.

I had so much fun with everyone in my ward and getting to hang out with Becky just made it that much better!! <3

Yesterday, a week from when I went to Flagstaff, I worked Student Preview Day with all the other students who work in Admissions.  I had a fun time working it, seeing all the prospective students coming through with their parents and siblings just like I did exactly one year ago!  And the circle of life continues…

The whole campus was teeming with high school seniors and their families, coming to see ERAU.  The weather was GORGEOUS, there were balloons everywhere, and there were even helicopters in front of the Activity Center and on the softball field! (Or baseball field, whichever you prefer.  I prefer softball personally.  🙂 )


I was lucky, and Steven Leon and I got to give away free T-shirts to all the students who came through the Lower Hangar to see all the clubs in the Club Fair.  There were so many clubs, including the sororities/fraternities, the Underwater Robotics Club, the Sweatervest Club, the Music Club, and so much more.  The choir was singing, the band was playing, and there was just a great community atmosphere.  We had a BLAST doing it.  I’ll admit, things got a little crazy, and that’s what makes it fun!  Here’s a pic of our CRAZINESS.


We took a picture with Ernie the Eagle so we could blog about it.  VOILA.

And that is basically what has happened in the past two weeks!  Fun stuff, let me tell ya!

“What you see is what you get.”
– Flip Wilson

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