Delta week deux and D-town 70s style

So I am writing this on my iPod on the way back to Atlanta. Kinda cool how the Notes application can be so helpful. Anyways week two went by and it was fun, finally got my log in information so I could do my duties on my account and computer rather than have to borrow somebody else’s. I am now getting into the full swing of things doing most if my duties without asking a log of questions and not screwing it up. It’s a little weird since I sometimes take a while to get things but I guess I’m just that good, lol. Actually I wouldn’t be surprised if someone catches a mistake that I did and comes talk to me in the near future.

The best part about the week was talking to our co-workers about our trip to Madrid. They were all impressed. On how the brand new interns were able to go all the way to Spain and back and still make it to work right on time. The extra vacation day did help us to get back.

We got to hop in the simulators again so that was really cool about the second week. I’ve also got assigned a new job, which is help build training scenarios to load in the FMS for the Boeing 767ER Sim. I would have training and oversight but it would be mainly my project. It hasn’t started yet but I’m looking forward to it.

Besides that, I traveled to Denver for the weekend. It was my mom’s 50th birthday party and i couldn’t miss that. It was 60s 70s themed so it was really cool. She had a bunch of her friends over, even people that she hasn’t seen in years! We all had to dress up in that era’s styles so I went to the thrift store, naturally an hour before the party, and got some random stuff (see the picture, it says enough, lol).

Last minute outfit!

Last minute outfit!

But it was fun, facing, drinking, and family fun! It’s over now. We are on approach into Atlanta and I have work tomorrow. It’s ok though, work is fun and then comes the weekend! Looking into going to the Caribbean but we’ll see what happens.

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