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I would like to start off my first post by saying thank you to Doug Dickey, Sara Bofferding, and the Admissions office, alongside with everybody who has given me this great opportunity of becoming a student blogger for ERAU.  

Hello to everybody reading my blog. My name is Petr Stepan Jr., somebody is constantly telling me that I spelled my name wrong (I think I know how to spell my name I tell them haha) I was born in the Czech Republic on October 1st, 1992 which is why Petr is spelled without the second “E”. I came to America or more specifically to California with my parents in the fall of 1996 when I was almost 4 years old. Everybody has a purpose in this world and my parents came here with the hopes of providing their only son with a galaxy of opportunity to be able to do whatever he so desired with his life. However I was not the only determining force in the decision to come overseas. The web of opportunity and success is incomparable to that in the Czech Republic. My mom Stephanie and my dad Petr are two of the most hardworking people I have yet seen on this earth, failure to succeed in this world is not an option in their eyes, nor should it be in any of our eyes. Their hardworking characteristics over the years has put them where they are today as two successful individuals who have their heart set on the right things in life. The Czech Republic is a fairly tough country to prosper and to pursue one’s career goals in, which is why we live where we do today in the “Land of Opportunity “as so America is called. I have high ambitions and goals for myself, some that I have already achieved, others I will yet strive to achieve. This world is full of opportunity and of course new doors open up as our careers progress, our transition from high school to Embry Riddle Aeronautical University will be only the beginning, and a key to the “Land of opportunity”. I have not yet fully planned out my future in detail nor should anybody, we should all know what we want and go after it. Having a direction to guide us is the safest bet; however so much is yet to come our way it would be almost unrealistic from day one to know what somebody wants in detail. Over the years I have come to this; I am open minded to anything that comes my way, however if there is something that has heart and has my name on it, it is flying. My major at Embry Riddle Aeronautical University will be Aerospace Engineering and my minor will be flight. My dream job would be combining the field of Engineering and Flight into one area and becoming a civilian contracted test pilot for the military or for any experimental agency/corporation. As a side job I would love to be a CFI (Certified Flight Instructor) and help young ambitious pilots as myself come closer to reaching their goals and attaining true happiness. High School is now over, a new segment of mine, in conjunction with my classmate’s lives is about to begin. The years where we will build strong lifelong relationships that will help guide us throughout our careers are about to begin. Good luck to everyone and I hope to see you guys on campus in the fall please comment my blogs and let me know if there is anything I could improve.

My Favorite Birdie the Marchetti SF260 :)

My Favorite Birdie the Marchetti SF260 🙂




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