6-27-10 ā€“ 6-30-10

It is mid-week Wednesday night or should I say early Thursday morning, I have really procrastinated on writing my blog because I have been extremely busy all week. It is 3:30 in the morning and I feel like I am staying up to finish an English essay that is due in a couple hours lol. Except this is better because writing these blogs is way more fun and I get to write about anything and everything (well almost :D). Anyways, another great week has passed and to this day it is exactly 2 weeks since graduation!!! It seems almost unreal that my fellow classmates and I have already graduated. I can honestly say that it still has not hit me that high school is over nor has it occurred to me that this fall we will all be young adults attending college. It is crazy how time seems to fly by especially when you have something to look forward to. In my case ever since my sophomore year in high school I have been counting down the years before I would be able to attend Embry Riddle. Now that it is here it feels great but at the same time I am slightly nervous, in my opinion it is the fear of the unknown. I know what to expect however it is an experience completely new to me and most of us, which is why it is just a little nerve racking. Even though this week was pretty busy it sure has been a great one so far. After a whole week of helping out on a 100 hour alongside with an Annual inspection on a Cessna 170B with my buddies we sure are happy to be done. It was a great experience and I could not be more thankful to Daniel Wotring and Brian Lepkowski, those that made all of it possible and always give me great opportunities around the airport. While working on the inspection all week I was looking forward to Sunday afternoon because I was taking a really cute girl on a surprise date and flying her out to Catalina for lunch/dinner šŸ˜‰ Sunday came along and I was excited the whole day, until I called the weather briefer and found out that there was pretty bad overcast at approximately 3000ft from the coast all the way to Catalina. I decided to go anyways and if it was overcast all the way to Catalina I would change my destination airport. We ended up taking off and flying above Seal Beach Vor and the overcast had become worse. In my opinion it looked so bad that Catalina was below IFR (Instrument Flight Rules) minimums. I contacted Socal and diverted down to Palomar airport southward by Oceanside. However upon our arrival there Palomar was reporting clouds at 1500ft, visibility 6 with mist, with a westward movement of clouds. After hearing that I cancelled landing intentions because I did not want to land there get lunch and get socked in by the overcast. So we finally diverted north east bound up to French Valley where we ate lunch. Lunch at French valley was really good as it is at most airports. It sure was a great flight and I am pretty sure I was not the only one that liked it aha šŸ˜‰ Even with all of the zero Gā€™s and steep turns, Emily the girl I took with me agreed that she liked it, she sure is brave for flying with me hahaha jk. Afterwards we went for some ice cream and hung out. It sure was a great day and even though we could not go out to Catalina it still ended up being fun, at least we got to fly VFR (Visual Flight Rules) on top. Monday came along pretty well besides the fact that my mom made me wake up at 7:00 to get blood work done for my annual checkup, oh it was horrible getting up so early. Afterwards, I was busy getting ready for my trip to the Czech Republic, so I ran around buying clothing and supplies and then I also stopped by the airport to hangout for a while with my buddies and relaxed. Later on that day Emily surprised me and took me on a surprise date. It was a lot of fun, we ended up going to an El torrito on a pier and afterwards she showed me some really cool spots around her area. It was so much fun (: Tuesday was a great day spent at the airport, getting ready for Czech, hanging out with friends, and then later we spent the night eating at TK burger and walking down main street and the pier. Finally today went by really quick I packed all of my stuff or should I say Emily packed all of my stuff haha but we got it all packed up and then we went to the beach just before my departure to the Czech Republic tomorrow morning. I have to say that I am really excited for the Czech Republic. I mean all of my family and some close friends live there and every opportunity I get to spend with them I enjoy. It is almost 4:30 in the morning now and our plane departs in about 8 hours so I really have to get some sleep. Goodnight everybody and thank you for reading my blog. I will post new blogs whenever I can (sometimes it is really hard to get connected to the internet because not everybody has a computer over there) and keep everybody updated on my 5 week journey throughout the Czech Republic.

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