My California Adventure Part 2

As mentioned before, I am here to talk about the second half of my time in California, and to finish posting my amazing Disneyland/California Adventure pictures.

So, my sister, brother-in-law and I stayed at California Adventure for most of the time. We did do a quick trip to Disneyland to get a few fast passes and we went on a couple rides like Indiana Jones, Haunted Mansion, Pirates of the Caribbean, and the log ride. Afterwards, we went to California Adventure and enjoyed rides such as Tower of Terror, Scremin’ California, Soarin’ over California, and more. We even watched two newer shows, “World of Color” and “Glow”. They both involved a lot of lighting and color. It was very fun.

Here is the Star Wars ride. That is the ship inside as we waited in line. It was a very short line.

Log Ride at Disneyland. If you look hard enough you can see another log full of people about to go down the big drop! :DAlice in Wonderland. She was really nice and pretty. All the little kids were running towards her, it was cute.

Mary Poppins had on the most beautiful dress. She was nice, but the guy was a lot nicer.

Here is The Queen of Hearts. I love how her face is all mean looking. And the cute bunny. You can also see Goofy's hand, goofy and the queen almost had a show down, it was hilarious.

Mr. Potatoe Head! He was interactive. You could talk to him and he responded. It was a nice addition, especially since waiting in line can be very dull.

Haunted Tower of Terror. This is the lobby, as we wait in line to get in the elevator :D

Haunted Tower of Terror. This is the lobby, as we wait in line to get in the elevator 😀

California Adventure- Ferris Wheel and Screamin' California (Roller Coaster)

The "Glow" performance in California Adventure started off with a guy doing cool tricks in this HUGE ball!

There were many "Glow" Dancers up on stage. Some did belly dancing and others just crazy "out there" dances. It was pretty cool to see.

At night, after the show there was "Hollywood" in California Adventure, all lit up.

The workers called "Glow" a P-G Rave! It pretty much was. Lights everywhere, dance floor, screen projector, and awesome music!

I took this picture before my phone died. Disney used lighting on the rides to correspond to the show "World of Color," it was brilliant!

There is the big Ferris wheel all lit up, ready for the show..

Yeah, so that was my amazing Disneyland trip. Did I mention I got in for free?! I got a free complimentary ticket last time since a ride closed down on us AFTER we used our fast passes on it. So, my sister complained and since her and my brother-in-law both have passes, she got me a free ticket. It was pretty awesome.

We didn’t get home from D-land until about 1:30 AM, due to a traffic incident. After we got home, we all passed out. Lance, my brother-in-law, then got us donuts in the morning, since one of his jobs is at the donut shop! It was great, I have not had donuts in a long time. Although my stomach wasn’t very happy with me afterwards. All that sugary fatness, why must it taste so delicious?! I then went to my grandma’s house again and just relaxed. A few days later my sister and Brother-in-law came over for 4Th of July with the WII and a new game called Tetris party. My grandma used to play tetris ALL the time, so I invited her to try it out. She was addicted. We played til 11PM. We had so much fun as a family.  We also had a bar-b-que and enjoyed the fireworks from our house. We played some pool (since there is a table in the garage) and also dominoes. It was a great day.

I was supposed to go see my dad and spend time with him before I got back to AZ, but when the towing company finally got my car to Cali, it was too late to get it smogged and get a temp. registration so I could get it all fixed and then get it registered in AZ. So, when my car got fixed I had to buy a one-trip permit and head straight to AZ and get it registered, which is a whole other story in itself. ha ha. It did suck not being able to go take a trip to see my friends, who lived about an hour and a half south from my grandma, but what could I do??? I also really wanted to see my dad in Nevada, I haven’t seen him for over a year now. But I know I’ll have a better opportunity to see everyone again. And next time I’ll have some money saved. Well, this will conclude my California Adventure, but my next blog will be about all that has happened since I’ve been back.

Take care, and enjoy the last bit of the summer!!!


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