The Beginnings at Embry Riddle

I cannot even come close to explaining how good it feels to finally be out of high school and being one step closer to achieving my ultimate goal in life and dream job. Upon my arrival at Embry-Riddle five days ago I was welcomed by the staff and faculty and had the opportunity to meet many of my classmates that I will be seeing around campus for at least the next 4 years. My roommate and my sweetmates are all a great group of guys from all over the place and it is so sweet hanging out with them and getting to know them. The people on campus really are different than most people I have met in high school just because the fact that everybody here is so goal oriented and are pointed in a certain direction knowing what they want in life. It is pretty amazing walking around campus and getting to know people who have the same interest as you.  So far I love the college life!!! Over the weekend my buddies and I met a really cool guy and he introduced us to his friends from Riddle. On Sunday they took us Off Roading and shooting all day. It was by far one of the greatest adventures any of us have had at Riddle yet 🙂 Today was the first day of school and it was just a little hectic because I had 4 classes ranging from 10:20 all the way to 5:40, however tomorrow I only have 1 class and it is at 1:35  so I am pretty excited for Tuesdays all semester. Anyways all I really have to say is that I love the college life and everything about it! 🙂

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