New Beginnings

Well, Lauren and I both moved in to our new apartment on August 6, and since then every day has been packed full of training!  My daily schedule during preseason… seven fifteen am, be at the gym to eat breakfast.  Eight am, morning practice until ten.  Ten fifteen am, setter specific practice.  Eleven thirty am, hydrotherapy at the Riddle pool.  Four pm, practice til six.  Then team dinner right afterward until about eight!  So basically every day was filled to the max.  Sometimes at night though I would come home and Lauren and I would watch movies.  That was my free time. 🙂

We have a new assistant coach this year, Jill.  I can’t remember how to spell her last name or else I would write it…

We also have three new freshman.  Mahina Fa’amoe (?), Precious Tulilu, and Morgan Veiria.  And even though Precious isn’t technically on our team anymore due to school issues, I still consider her a part of our team!!  Precious and Mahina are both from West Valley, Utah (and oddly enough they also went to the same high school together), and Morgan is from Las Vegas.

Speaking of Las Vegas, we had to make a stop there on our flight to Texas for the Coca-Cola Classic Tournament hosted in Plainsview.  We flew from Phoenix to Vegas, then from there to Lubbock, TX.  I have to say, the  artistically painted bull statues outside of every business in town definitely made my day… every day!

Here’s one we had to ride on outside of a Chicken Express (obviously).

McDonald’s had a big AND a little one!!  Cute.

We thought a little straw chewin’ was appropriate.  Laura and Sarah thought that using the local accent was appropriate too, (and so cool to use), so they used it.  Everywhere we went.  So.  Awesome.

If you can, imagine this conversation at Sonic with Laura and Sarah using heavy southern accents.

Laura- “Uh yeah, can I have an orange creamsicle, in my mouth.  One GRAPE DRANK, and one caramel sundae.  Oh wait!  Do y’all have caramel Tuesdays?!  What about caramel Fridays?!”

Laughter from inside the Sonic building.  Everyone is listening to this crazy girl ramble.

Sarah- “Are y’all from around here?”


Oh yeah.  And we played volleyball too.  Here’s our fabulous team lookin’ spiffy in our game (courtesy of Julie Lacey, of course!)

Now we’re just training once a day due to the start of school!  YAY SCHOOL!!  (You know you go to Riddle when… yeah.)

My classes I’m taking for my GSIS major are:  History of Terrorism, Mandarin Chinese 101, Intelligence Writing, Plant Biology, and World History.  I love all of my classes!  I know that they’ll be tough though, so I’m ready!  I LOVE MY MAJOR!  This is exactly why I came to Riddle.  Thanks to all of my professors and classes, I know what my career path will be and how I’m going to get there.  And I’m excited for the future, because I know I’ll be where I want to be.

“Dreams are like stars… you may never touch them, but if you follow them they will lead you to your destiny.”


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