Thumb Butte

The last couple days here at Embry Riddle have been way fun. From Engineering Econ being cancelled for 2 weeks to EGR 101 8a.m. class being cancelled, to hiking to the top of Thumb Butte, Checking out motorcycles in the Prescott, hanging out with friends, to always meeting new people and getting to know them. So far my experience at Embry Riddle has been sooooooooooooooooooo much fun before I came here I had no idea how things were gonna be, I was afraid of being stuck with some weird roommate and suitemates, I was also afraid that nobody here would like to go out and find things to do, and go to parties and stuff like that. However a couple hours upon my arrival here a couple weeks ago I was not afraid at all!! My roommate and suitemates are all really cool and we are never bored, were always out doing something having a great time. I love how on campus everybody has the same passion and how we all connect through aviation it really is sweet just because there are not too many schools out there that are the same. The campus size is just perfect averaging somewhere around 1800 students and the best part is that by the end of our degree program we will know pretty much everybody here and will be much closer with all of our fellow classmates than say for example a school like ASU where they have well over 50,000 students.  In all honesty when I first came to Prescott, Arizona my junior year in high school, then my senior year  to visit the school I didn’t really like the city or should I say town a whole lot, but now I have to say that I love it here. The town of Prescott is beautiful there is so much to do around here and the surrounding cities, such as hiking, mountain biking, rock climbing, kayaking, off-roading, shooting, swimming, floating down rivers, and just so much more like discovering little towns and amazing look outs! During the week a couple of us decided to hike to the top of thumbbutte here in Prescott. It was a great feeling when we got to the very top. The only way to get to the very top is to hike right under Thumb Butte and then to on top you have so do climb up rocks and it gets a little intense but it is a blast. The view from up top is beautiful and feels pretty rewarding when you are up there. Well anyways here are some pictures from our little adventure haha.

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