Fossil Creek

So this weekend was definitely the first Labor Day weekend that I didn’t spend with my family and friends back home. Typically on labor day back in California my family and I would go camping, mountain biking, hiking and do such outdoor sports. However this year was slightly different, instead of being with family I was with my buddies here at Embry Riddle and we went to fossil creek to go cliff diving!! Labor day up here at Riddle could not have been spent in a better way, everybody had a great time. Just driving up to fossil creek was fun blasting some Dos Gringos and singing along to songs like Colt 45 and Don’t Stop Believing hahaha some fun times. It was quite a journey getting there because approximately 15 miles is spent just offroading but that made it even better. When we arrived we had to hike about a mile and half to this beautiful waterfall where you could see through the water almost all the way to the bottom in places that were not extremely deep. Once there, most of us ran to the top of the waterfall and were ready to jump off. The tallest point where we were jumping from was somewhere around 30 t0 35 feet. It was a great experience and everybody loved it. It was a great day even though convincing some people to jump took well over half an hour hahahahahahaha but it was worth it! 😀

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