Cool Classes and Sweet Thunderstorms

I absolutely LOVE my classes this semester!  I have taken my midterms for most of them already.  Well, to be honest, the “midterms” are more like “triterms”… my classes have two midterms and a final for assignments.  I have to study like cah-razy for all of them.  It’s a blast though.  Chinese especially is definitely an experience!  Someday I hope to actually go to China, either for a study abroad trip or a pleasure trip.  Either way, I’m working hard so that I won’t drown in the language when I go!

Volleyball is great too.  In Denver, we played a few games and came home with two wins under our belt.  Currently, we are 2 and 1 in our conference! 

We also had this year’s match to fight for a cure for breast cancer.  It was called “In It To End It”, and we did it this year to raise funds for Olga Diaz, who is going to New York to walk forty miles for her friends she lost to breast cancer.  We raised $1,350!  A success, I’d say.  And bright and early tomorrow morning our team is taking a road trip to California where we play Claremont Mudd-Scripps and La Sierra University.  It’ll be a long trip, so it’s a good thing that everyone on the team likes each other, or it could be very dangerous!

One thing that I wanted to blog about is the weather in Prescott, Arizona.  For all you incoming freshman coming to ERAU, be prepared!  The weather is fantastic!… however, it is also extremely bipolar.  It just can’t decide what it wants to do from day to day.  All last week, it was super duper hot (as in like 90 degrees).  I was all psyched, wearing shorts and flip flops, and then…. BOOM.  Thunder.  Lightning.  The whole shebang.  And it poured!  Flash flood warnings, tornado warnings, you name it, it happened!  I’ve lived in Arizona all my life, and I’ve never known the dry state to be one for tornadoes.  Ever.  So it was pretty scary to have a little action!  A town just west of Flagstaff had high winds that blew over a freight train with sixty-something cars on it!  Here are a few pictures that Dylan Whitmore, an Embry-Riddle student, took from the dorms.  Thanks Dylan!  Fantastic pictures!

So these are the latest happenings in Prescott!  Let the good times keep on rollin’!

“If you want to be happy, be.”

-Leo Tolstoy

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