Thanksgiving at Embry-Riddle Prescott Campus

Thanksgiving- A holiday usually spent with family, unless you can’t make it home due to lack of funds or because of a huge work load. Although I thought I was going to be totally bummed, it was not too bad. Embry-Riddle Prescott offered a delightful Thanksgiving Dinner on Thursday. I was practically forced to go by my family members back home; they all said I had to have a home made Turkey meal. So, I bit my tongue and ended up going.  Chartwell’s had a myriad of food; including turkey, salad, stuffing, fruit salad, rolls, and of course pies for dessert. My favorites were the turkey, mashed potatoes, and rolls. There weren’t too many people in Chartwell’s when I got there, but I was there a little later than most. Either way, it was really good. I tried Pecan pie for the first time, which was delicious! There was hot chocolate available which made my Thanksgiving meal that much better. Even though it was disappointing not being able to make it home for the Thanksgiving holiday weekend, I still got to enjoy a homemade meal;  which my grandmother and I were both very thankful for. And, to be honest, there were a lot of students who could not make it home this last weekend. Just another reason why I like Embry-Riddle, they always have something going on for the students who have to stay behind. Embry-Riddle Prescott has become my home away from home.
Chartwell's at Embry Riddle Prescott

Chartwell's at Embry Riddle Prescott on Thanksgiving day.

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