Film Forum and Next Semester

Finals are approaching… duh dum…. duh dum….duh dum…. (that’s the Jaws theme song, if you couldn’t tell).  My finals are gonna be crazy this semester.  I started studying way early (on Monday) so I’d know that I was prepared.  On Tuesday, I attented Dr. Trombley’s Film Forum (which we get participation points for in class).  The Film Forum topic this semester was Future Orders: Science Fiction Envisions Future Societies.  The films we watched looked at the ways that the medium of film has envisioned the future.  We looked at themes like utopia, dystonia, and the nature of humanity through Science Fiction.  This semester we watched “The Day The Earth Stood Still” (the one from 1951), “Gattaca”, “District 9”, and on Tuesday we watched “Serenity”.  It really is interesting thinking about governments and how the world will be effected by the choices our government makes today.  I thought “Serenity” was a great movie and it really got me thinking.  Next semester the Film Forum is going to be on Espionage and Moral Decisions.  I’m so excited!

The Day the Earth Stood Still Poster

Speaking of next semester, I am going to have a blast.  I have Personality and Profiling with Dr. Bloom, Chinese 2 with Yang Laoshi, (in Chinese, you call your teacher “Their-Last-Name Teacher”… Yang Laoshi!), US Foreign Policy with Dr. Tromley, Forensics with Dr. Baker, and Chinese Regional Studies also with Yang Laoshi.  It’s gonna be great.  But first… CHRISTMAS VACATION!  There’s only roughly a week and a half left of school!  This semester seriously flew by.  Not kidding.  Well, good luck with finals everyone!

“Go as far as you can see.  When you get there, you can see further.”

– Thomas Carlyle

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