First semester has finally come to an end and second semester is just around the corner! It is still hard to believe that my first semester at ERAU is over. Everything went by so quick except for the last 2 weeks when everybody was passionately studying for finals.  First Semester at Embry Riddle was also my first semester in college. Coming straight out of high school my time management skills along with my studying habits were poor. Over the course of the semester I progressed in managing my time in a better fashion and studying skills improved. In all honesty finals week really tested the new skills and habits first semester had taught me. Putting my newly acquired time management skills together with better studying habits I ended up getting A’s or B’s in all of my classes. This made me grow as a learner and next semester will only be better because I don’t have to go through learning how to manage time and obtaining better studying habits. Being an Aerospace Engineer at Embry Riddle I have a lot to look forward to in the up coming years 🙂

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