Break! Merry Christmas!

I can FINALLY relax now that our grades have been put up. We, the student body, have suffered through finals and the Fall semester and deserve to know our grades the second that our finals are graded! According to my mother, I was all uptight and intense even when I got back until all of my grades were posted. I got all A’s again although I truthfully did not expect this to happen in two of my classes. Whatever, I’m not going to ask questions, but it was so scary refreshing my transcript page every few minutes to see if my professors had updated the grades yet. Since having learned of my grades, I can relax and enjoy my break which I feel was well-deserved. I went back home to Tucson and got to see all of my friends and family. We made tamales on the Sunday after I got back and my friend Bobby came over to help but came too late because we all are such efficient workers and finished in record time. All the did was eat the fruits of our labor and spontaneously force me to play basketball, which I despise. We then went to church with him where I met up with one of my other good friends, Kara, and I chaperoned with her at my brother’s youth group celebration afterwards.

Eating Tamales with our friends Bobby and Samantha

In the days leading up to Christmas, I tried my very best to get into the Christmas spirit even though it is in the 70’s here and cactus surrounds me, so it was a bit hard. I am still wearing sandals. Anyway, I went Christmas shopping for my family and friends and had to maneuver through traffic, which is a lot easier said than done. I went back to LA Fitness but now those clowns are charging my full price again because I used it one time. I went to an Annual Cookie Party hosted by my friend Lindsey and it was a blast getting to see all my old friends and reconnecting by making cookies. Afterwards we went to Winterhaven, a Christmas attraction here in Tucson which is actually just a neighborhood where everyone decorates their houses and others can drive or walk through and admire their hard work at decoration. It is a lot of fun to go there and I went twice, once with two groups of friends and then again with my family. Going to Winterhaven and getting the Eegee’s flavor of the month, Hollyberry, has put me into the Christmas mood and we got to celebrate it today – CHRISTMAS! Always an amazing time, I got most of things I really wanted and although I put “real estate” on my list every year, I once again did not get it. But they’ll see…they’ll all see! It was so fun and I just got back from visiting my Grandma Rachel and Uncle Gerry at their home and now I need to lie down to recuperate from all the food I’ve eaten. MERRY CHRISTMAS!

Me and the girls in Winterhaven! And Michael

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