Semester is over and now time for Winter Break!

After a long, hard semester at Embry-Riddle, I was finally able to complete it with a 3.575 GPA. I was hoping for a 4.0 but the classes I took were very challenging but really interesting. This time, I took Flight Safety with one of the best professor here, Sean Jeralds, Airline Dispatch operations, Flight Instructor Ground School (CFI), and Air Traffic Management 3.  Dispatch and CFI ground school were the hardest classes. They demanded a lot of work and time but the knowledge gained from them were incredible. Now I am able to go and get certified as a Flight Dispatcher, a great back up if I am not able to fly for some reason or another, and all I have left to do is do my CFI flight training to be able to instruct. Only got one more semester left and my plan is to finish my CFI and get hired at Embry-Riddle to build my flight hours and eventually move onto the airlines.

Being back home in Denver is nice. Only a 12 -hour drive from Prescott means that I could drive home which is nice because then I am able to have my own means of transportation. Can’t wait until I go up into the mountains and snowboard. It’s nice to have this 3-week break before I start on my last semester at ERAU. It’s going to be a great one.

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