Finals Week = Success!

Finals week was actually not as bad as last semester’s finals week.  Sure I stayed up until all hours of the night for about a week straight but heck, that’s college for you.  I had my Plant Bio final Saturday morning at eight o’clock, which for being an open note test, was not as easy as I thought it would be!  Then I took my Intelligence Writing final that afternoon which consisted of a presentation on the Sudan referendum that’s going to be held in January which will decide if Sudan will split into two separate nations.  Until I took that class, I never really paid any attention to what went on outside of my little bubble, but now I feel like I need to be involved in everything that is going on in the world!  It’s amazing how many things are happening in the world that has relevence to me, even though I may be half a world away!

This is Sudan.  It was my country that I’ve written about all semester, and I feel so…. attached to it!  When next semester rolls around, I will still definitely write about it.  I feel like it’s “my” country, and I get so excited when there are new developments in the referendum business!

My next final was Monday morning, History of Terrorism.  In that class, we talked about terrorist groups, their history, different kinds of terrorism, and so forth.  I learned a lot from that class and it really got me thinking about my little bubble I grew up in… it was affected by so many different things that I had no idea about.  After I got done with that final, I took my World History final.  I LOVED that class!  It was definitely tough, but Dr. Trombley made everything soo interesting!  I feel like I’ve learned so much from her.  Not only did we talk about historical events, she tied everything back to the changing and developing world today.  Awesome.  Yesterday I took my Chinese final, and I felt quite confident.  I love Chinese.  Just sayin’.

So that was my finals week!  Hope you all have an AWESOME Christmas break!

“God bless us, every one.”

-Tiny Tim 🙂

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